Voluntourism Self-check Guide

Volunteer Tourism Effective Practices is designed for tour operators who are looking to or already are incorporating volunteer projects into their trips. Additionally, we hope it will serve development organizations, volunteer tourism participants and community members in helping to identify and engage in great volunteer projects. We gathered research, input and experience from many people working in the areas of voluntourism, development, and travelers' philanthropy to create this guideline and are grateful for those who have contributed their input. This is a working, living resource, meaning that we are continually seeking feedback in the form of opinions, experiences, lessons learned and anecdotes relating to the outlined effective practices, and responses to the design and content of this guideline.

Many thanks for using this tool to help improve your work in voluntourism, for passing this on to others who might find it helpful, and for contacting us with feedback or ideas for improvement.

Download Voluntourism101 self-check guide in PDF